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Rewards Management Solution

Banking Sector

Client Requirements

  • To automate testing of business flows related to members sign in & sign up, login's, password reset, redeeming rewards for user level

  • To automate testing of browsing (all transactions, all users, user login's), managing of merchant rewards, upload FI & transaction batch files 



  • Integrating reports with the TestNG framework & selenium tool.

  • Enabling Hybrid scenarios to be executed from automation scripts

  • Handling Dynamic UI behavior for the automation scripts



  • Leveraged selenium tool to build the automation scripts

  • Leverage TestNG Framework to setup the automation flows

  • Leverage reports to showcase various script execution statistics

  • Options to trigger multiple automation scripts from UI



  • Ease of doing regression testing from automation script 

  • Leveraged automation script to handle bulk updates

  • Reduction in the QA time & also manual errors avoided

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