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Saloon Management Solution

To integrate the solution with social media, a rollout with Appexchange helps the Saloon Management Solution to interact with the customers. It also helps customers to access the application in mobile as the Smartphone oriented Saloon Management Solution is the need of an hour.

Products Used:

  • Sales Cloud

  • Community

  • Service Cloud

  • Salesforce Platform


  • Customizing JavaScript Calendar Framework: Understanding of a framework that depicts customers' experience with such a need that they use the Saloon Management Solution seamlessly. Customizing a JavaScript Calendar framework that allows individuals to enable complex online functionality is an important task.

  • Enabling the solution to work on a public site: Building an application that takes care of the customers with the logging in and logging out and hence to work on a public site to offer various functionality is an important task.

  • Collating various business-related data: The business intelligence data collection with requirements of customers to be managed by the management is an important challenge for the developers. 

  • User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface for the Saloon Management Solution for users across the globe is an important challenge as user retention for the application is important.

Client Requirements

  • Build functionalities related to Saloon activities: Customers engaged in Saloon activities need such a platform where the functionalities would be smooth and without any disturbance. Logging in and logging out with the data being in a safe zone must be the priority of the platform.

  • Integrate with social media platforms: The requirement does not end with just a platform being built up. It also must be integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. With persons more attached to the social media platform, they must grab attention to the Saloon management solution platform.

  • Enable the solution to be mobile-oriented: The Saloon management solution must be dynamically presented to the customers as the customers are more engaged in the Smartphone oriented platform.

  • Rollout the solution to the Appexchange platform: The customer needs a platform that can provide them safe with the fact that they can seamlessly experience the platform.

  • Support: Once a Saloon Management solution platform is developed, the customers must be contacted by the developer for any kind of support. The 24/7 support must be provided to the customer with a sole impact on the platform. 

Approaches towards the Client’s Requirements

  • Leveraged Salesforce and The customer requirement must be researched smoothly and thus leveraged with the Salesforce platform, thus making it a no big deal with the Cloud platform. Salesforce ad can be operated to make sure that the functionalities must be developed from the perspective of the customers.

  • Build strong connectors for Social Media: The Saloon management solution is pretty much social media-oriented with more customers to be lined up for using the platform in a strong API. The strong connectors for the Social Media accounts in the form of Facebook will demand customers satisfaction and thus an API is built up.

  • Leverage and customize Javascript calendar: Saloon management solution is the demand of customers. With customers more indulged in online activities, the saloon activities arises an alarming situation. Therefore, the developers must be ready with the Javascript customized calendar as it provides them with the blueprint for a future update. 

  • User-friendly Interface: When a Saloon management solution app is built up, it is not only the app or platform, but users must be satisfied with the fact that they can seamlessly experience the platform they are using. In other words, the users must be satisfied and they must review or give feedback to other customers that the interface in the Saloon management solution is well intact. 

  • 24/7 Support: The customers when stuck in a situation must be able to contact the support section of the Saloon management solution. When a Saloon management solution is built up, it must create awareness and hence the support of 24/7 is important.


  • User-friendly interface with customers need priority

  • 24/7 support handle with more focus on customer satisfaction.

  • A strong API is built up concerning social media uses.

  • Leverage Javascript calendar framework

  • Data security at its peak with Salesforce and in the picture

Technology Implemented

  • With Salesforce the main priority for a Saloon Management solution platform is to meet up the demands of customers. Various saloon activities are presented in the form of the best interface. Users are engaged in the Saloon management solution with the sole requirement of having the best possible experience.

  • The app exchange with leverage javascript framework is the need of the hour and the Salesforce platform has been successfully implemented in doing so.


  • The customers' demand is the first and last priority. With Saloon management solutions in demand and various saloon activities presented in such a way that users retention period for the platform is high. 

  •  The saloon activities with a strong API built for the social media makes it even more rewarding for the customers who are indulged in social media activities.

Benefits of Saloon Management Solutions

  • Easy availability of information

  • Geolocation mapping activities helps in research and analysis

  • Helped in the planning of activities

Customer’s Review

The customers' demand and requirement uplifted the Saloon management solution to work upon building a platform that can help customers experience a seamless journey. With Salesforce and in the picture, we offer a great experience of Saloon activities. The Saloon management solution offered by us has led the customers to trust and after reviewing the feedback they are satisfied with it. Shortly, as the demand arises, the update for the platform of Saloon management solution arises with only customers requirements in the priority part.

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