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Sales & Marketing Solutions Provider

Forecast Manager

Client Requirements

  • To build a predictable sales outcome by equipping/enabling salesperson with coaching device

  • Run through series of sales assertive questions for sales team to predict the forecast of the opportunity

  • Provide recommendation & timely alerts for sales team to have proper follow-ups on opportunities market place



  • Developing UI to be compatible on desktop browser & also lightening enabled

  • Collating various Business Intelligence data based on the sales manager response



  • Leveraged Salesforce & platform & sales cloud module to build the Appexchange product

  • Solution leveraged opportunity module against which set of assertive questions were asked to the sales manager to respond

  • Built/developed schedulable jobs to create analytics & generated various reports for the management

  • Solution was lightening enabled



  • Solution enabled more accurate & predictable outcome on the opportunities

  • Enabled management to get good insights into the sales activities & on predictable revenue

  • Enabled sales team to be more assertive & also take proper action at different stages

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