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Solar Engine SAAS Provider

Energy Refineries Geo-Location Mapping

Client Requirements

  • To map the energy refineries units based on the geo-location solution

  • To capture different assets linked to the refinery unit & trace it from geo-location map

  • To map the best possible routes between different refinery units



  • Linking process maps to the geo-location & triggering from UI

  • Linking different markers on Google maps & marking with boundaries of refinery

  • Searching for assets based on the geo-location map



  • Leveraged Salesforce & platform & Goggle maps to build solution

  • Captures all the assets in the refinery unit & stores in the Salesforce platform

  • Used processed maps & linked into the geo-location fields on Google Maps



  • Easy availability of information related to assets with in each refinery units

  • Helped in planning of activities in the refinery unit to make sure the resources are available on-time

  • Geo-location mapping helped in analysis, preparation & decision making leading to improved productivity

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