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ERP for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Distribution Industry

Agile Solution built on 

Optimize and Extend Salesforce Investment with our business components

Mindlinks offers solutions to all the elements of Manufacturing Process, from production, shop floor control, and purchasing; and it also provides systemized management and data analysis for financial and sales functions, all optimized for a manufacturing environment.


With our deep expertise on the salesforce platform, we created different business components which extends salesforce processes seamlessly and optimizes investment for customers.

System built on Salesforce allows the integration and management of all company functions and leverages automation and real time data analysis to improve performance of the company.

Benefits of Cloud ERP :

Eliminate Fragmentation

Increase your manufacturing volume by integrating material and business controls into a single platform with real-time data and analytics.

Legacy to Cloud

Migration from Legacy to Cloud solution with increased functionality and analytics and allowing effective material management across the company.

Stay Connected

Cloud ERP software allows you to stay connected with your customers, vendors and employees effectively all the time.

Organized and Automated 

With the clear data and process, manage your core business and operate manufacturing efficiently.

In-depth Access and Transparency

360 degree view about your business, customers and suppliers across ERP and CRM.

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"At Global Eagle we have partnered with Mindlinks to customize our Salesforce platform and merge our CRM and Inventory systems. This integration allows us to completely monitor campaigns from project initiation to fulfillment. Most importantly, the entire sales team uses it to track their accounts and manage inventory. It has been a great tool and we look forward to working with Mindlinks to bring it into other areas of our business."

Carol Charry,

Sr. Manager

Media Sales Operation

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“10 compelling reasons to consider ERP on Salesforce”

Regardless of a company’s reason for pursuing an ERP system, today there are a variety of options available for almost any industry and for companies of varying size and complexity. However, we have listed the top 10 reasons why you should consider ERP on Salesforce for your business.

Why Mindlinks INC as your Cloud Service Provider?

As a founder and decision maker, you must do exclusive research on the software reputation, assess its capability across a wide range of desired functionality and choose a software that will meet your company’s requirements and needs without going through a long waiting path.

For large enterprises, much of ground level work can be managed and done by in-house IT staff minimizing the impact on the company, however for small manufacturing companies the challenges are magnified. Decision has to be made from legacy to cloud assuring the right balance of licensed seats and not to forget the extensive capital outlays may not be feasible for small businesses.

To address these major and other complex challenges, Mindlinks offers exclusive cloud solutions and services. By combining our cloud expertise with industry-leading tools, processes and best practices, we offer an Industry Cloud solution packaged as a complete managed service hosted on a secure cloud architecture. This includes real time connections with the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce E-commerce Cloud.

The solution offers:

  • An integrated, end-to-end managed services approach for application, infrastructure and security.

  • A preconfigured core application landscape with bespoke integration and workflow capabilities, cloud hosting, and business and IT operations support.


All the significant business benefits can be realized from one cloud simultaneously lowering IT, integration and system administration costs.

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